How do I Subpoena an MTO employee to come to my court date

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How do I Subpoena an MTO employee to come to my court date

by: topperking99 on
Wed Jun 06, 2012 6:01 pm

Hello I am new here -
I bought my work van back in 2010 - in January 2012 I received a letter from MTO stating that my structural certificate that came with my van was invalid because the mechanic that did the work was not licensed to do the work.
The certificate was issued in 2009 (before I bought the vehicle.)
The letter stated that I have 30 days from the date of the letter to get a new structural certificate.
The letter was dated January 18th. By January 301st, I had a new certificate.
On February 2nd I was stopped by the police for an un-attached license plate.
Not knowing what this all meant, the police officer believed my story in that MTO may have done this. He did not give me a ticket but gave me a court date to go and clear it up since I had my paper work in order.
The same day I went to MTO and gave them the new structural certificate and got my ownership changed. I asked them why this has happened since I have 30 days - they could not answer me.
I then phoned the person named in the letter that was sent originally and he said that this was their error and that they have an old computer system and the only way to keep track of all the problem cases was to un atttach the license plates.
On my court date as I tried to get this withdrawn - I explained to the public prosecutor that this was an MTO error - he insisted that I have a trial - I tried to explain that I did all that I needed to do, he still said I need to go to trial.
When I called the MTO gentleman back he said that he would speak to the prosecutor to clarify things and explain what had happened. He has not been able to get a hold of the prosecutor.
I have also left the MTO gentleman a few messages have not heard back.
So now I would like to Subpoena him to my trial - how do I do that?

Thank You
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