Help Please: G2, Stunt Driving Ticket 170 Kmph U/s 172, Summons (yellow)

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Help Please: G2, Stunt Driving Ticket 170 Kmph U/s 172, Summons (yellow)

by: highwaymonitor on

Hello all, firstly I am very sorry for overspeeding, i have learnt my lesson around this and wanted to get your insights on my situation to resolve the issue of court summons date

I am G2 driver and got a Stunt driving ticket; the officer recorded 170 kmph and issued a Summons (yellow) for appearance in the court. Car was impounded and license cancelled immediately for 7 days. There were a bunch of other cars which were impounded for stunt driving on the same day in that area.

I wanted to get your thoughts on some of the following regarding summons date:

Would it be okay for me to reach a bit early on the summons date, show respect and apologise towards the Honorable Crown/ Prosecutor, provide comfort that I will not do traffic violation again and request for mercy plea deal on the very first summons date

Does any one of you have insights on the general view of Honorable Crown/ Prosecutor at Cornwall out of your experience.

Upon plea request, if the Honorable Crown provides some sort of mercy deal, have any of you seen a 170kmph under section 172 being revised to 149 kpmh types or being revised to similar high speeding ticket under section 128 from section 172 (essentially removing stunt as Section 172 is the stricter stunt driving section)

Does the chances of getting a plea deal increase if I am being represented by Paralegal / Lawyer; would the Honorable Crown / Prosecutor think that I am not sorry about the incident if I represented myself and not by Paralegal / Lawyer

Does the Honorable Crown / Prosecutor advise for completing the process on the first summons date or generally prefers to adjourn the matter to a future date, as I live far away from Cornwall.

As I said earlier I am very sorry about this, have got stress because of the situation, and would appreciate any information / friendly advice to me. Obviously whatever we say, eventually it is dependent upon my luck and accordingly the Honorable Crown / Prosecutor’s view

Thanks a lot

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by: greasespot on

If you are in Ottawa (Probably rest of province) the crown won't reduce for that speed and a G2. It will be plead guilty with a slight reduced fine and suspension or take it to trial.

If they don't you can count on the max fine 2k and max suspension 2 years)

Plus we don't know what the speed limit was where you were stopped.

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by: Mboudreau on

Your speed is way over the threshold for stunt driving so I have doubts they will offer you 49 over, but I will share my experience in getting mine reduced to 49 over and perhaps it can at least provide a bit of stress relief knowing what you're in for.

This happened to me in the Ottawa Area (Clarence-Rockland area just east of Ottawa), Where I got dinged with a 132/80. I was late for work and was speeding roughly 30 over. When I came to a hill I reached 52 over and didn't realize it. Unfortunately, as soon as I cleared the hill, a cop was oncoming the other way and clocked me at that speed.

Basically, you go to your summons date (you can bring representation if you like(paralegal/lawyer), and you can meet with the prosecutor before pleading guilty/not guilty. This is where I got offered my 49 over, which you must subsequently plead guilty to. I was just honestly remorseful and spoke the truth when we sat down. I told him I was definitely guilty of going 30 over trying to rush to work and didn't pay attention to the speedometer when I cleared that hill. I said I know it is definitely not an excuse but it was the honest truth and that's why I said it. And he lowered it to 129/80 right after I said that. I was genuinely remorseful and I guess he could tell.

It can be a very stressful process, especially since the results seem to be so inconsistent, and not being knowledgeable about the process means you're going in blind. Plus, i've heard you might not be able to meet with the prosecutor beforehand so I don't know what that's about. Was I just lucky? Perhaps someone can provide some insight there.

Anyway, hope that helps. I wouldn't count on getting 72 over reduced to 49, but who knows! My advice to you is to fully admit your wrong doing with excuses to the prosecutor, show genuine remorse (don't overdo it) and explain how it has been an extremely eye opening experience for you. I've seen a few stories in here where 70-80 over has been dropped to 49. It's worth a try.

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