Alleged Stunt And Careless Driving. Never Pulled Over!

Is the alleged driver in trouble or does it all depend

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Alleged Stunt And Careless Driving. Never Pulled Over!

by: ThrowawayOPP on

What would you recommend if imaginary alleged stunt driver and careless driver to do if that said person was never pulled over by the police.

  • 178km/h in a 100 zone Careless driving and Stunt Driving
  • 401. OPP is alleging the charges.
  • The alleged vehicle is registered under another name. The alleged driver does not own the vehicle that was being pursued.
  • Contact was made to the alleged via family
  • No information regarding who was driving the vehicle at the was made on behalf of the owner. A possibility the vehicle was in possession of the alleged was made by the officer.

  • ARREST WARRANT threat made to incline alleged to visit OPP station.

  • The vehicle was impounded and charges were laid.

    Summons to Defend was issued. No actual ticket.

What would you do?

Disclosure of evidence first and attend first court date? I hear that OPP vehicles don't have dash cameras and proving with unreasonable doubt becomes a challenge when the driver was never pulled over. Id like to believe nothing can be done as proving who was the driver at the time is going to be difficult without photographic evidence.

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by: bend on

In a perfect scenario, the officer would pull you over and give you your ticket right then and there. However, it's their job to consider public safety and rules and regulations regarding high speed pursuits.

If the officer has your plate information, he probably has a brief description of the driver also.

While it's your right to not incriminate yourself, I don't believe the vehicle owner will be as lucky. I don't see why they wouldn't require them to testify in court and answer who has access to that vehicle, who had access that day, etc.

That is something you'd probably want to speak to a professional about.

Consider the reason you received a summons is because there is no set fine.

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