Alleged cellphone and speeding ticket Recorded

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Alleged cellphone and speeding ticket Recorded

by: lmrj0030 on
Thu Jul 24, 2014 4:17 am

My dashcam invest finally paid off or so i thought it did.

I was travelling along the 401 going east from dvp. An opp stops me saying that I was speeding and was on my phone. Of course this was all a lie as i was following a truck thats barely going the limit and I was allegedly going 20 over. I had my gopro set up so that it could see the driver, the instrument cluster (although not vivid),and the road. I had it all recorded but the officer saw my gopro and ask that i turn it off. The officer then instead asked for my recording device that was securely mounted on my car behind me. The officer gave the gopro back and now my evidence is gone when i wanted to review the footage

What's my defence at this point?
Should I have not allowed the officer to touch my recording device?
Did the officer have reasonable grounds to confiscate my device if i deny the officers request?
Should I hire a lawyer? Is it worth it?
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