403 - Upper Middle Rd / Qew Over Pass

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403 - Upper Middle Rd / Qew Over Pass

by: tdrive2 on

This is a hard location to explain.

As the QEW (east bound) turns into the 403 you take a overpass that goes under upper middle rd onto the 403.

The overpass comes under upper middle rd and as you begin to head north on the 403 right at the start there is a small hill on the right.

There is an on ramp here from Upper Middle rd and an Officer in a marked car will sit here on top of the hill on the shoulder on the on ramp using radar for cars going under the over pass!!!

speed is 80/100 here (start of 403)

Watch out very, very hard to see.

Officer usually hides here in the mid day time around lunch.

(sorry for long explanation here but this one is very hard to explain.)

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