HTA 142(1) So should I have stayed in middle of intersection

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HTA 142(1) So should I have stayed in middle of intersection

by: sensgal12 on
Mon Jan 26, 2015 3:03 pm

I realize that this is a common charge, The intersection this happen at is in Kingston at Princess St/Taylor Kidd/ John Counter, One side of intersection is Taylor Kidd that turns into JCB on other side of intersection and Princess St runs east west, This traffic light is also (as I found out after) to have a very fast light change, The officer said that the light is very fast to change, I was coming from Taylor Kidd in the turn lane to turn left onto Princess street, It was 5:15 pm and I was the second or third car from line, The intersection itself is large and you have to pull out some before you can turn into Princess St, The light for left turn was green and the car infront went as I did with a bit of a delay but the turn light was green for me, The cars at the lights coming from JCB onto Taylor Kidd was red, But they turn signal for TKB onto Princes St heading west was green for them, You get it I'm sure, I pulled out and the cars coming from JCB turning right onto Princess street had filled it up (two cars pulled into lanes as I was making my turn) The car infront of my had to slow down so not to hit the right turn cars, I had to slow down, but when I seen a spot for me to enter onto the lanes I went since I was in the middle of the intersection and had a car behind me making the same turn, No when I was in the middle of the intersection I didn't look up to see if the light had turned or not, I was committed to the turn, and when safe to continue I hit my gas, Well, as I said the lights are very fast turning, from out of no where I had a Chery Truck hit me almost head on (My car was in a turning movement and can tell from pictures) He was going so fast and hit me hard, my hood was driven over and my windshield was shattered, Yes I was in movement at the time, I don't believe I came to a complete stop in middle of intersection, When someone came to see if I was ok (and this really back up traffic since it happened in the middle of intersection effecting everyone) I said I had a green light what the,, she said he took of really fast, Apparently he had a green too, but about 2 weeks later at the same intersection around same time of day I was where he would have been, The left turn signal was showing and as soon as it turned yellow it disappears and the green light appears almost seconds before the yellow is gone, I couldn't (as others) couldn't understand how he had barly a green and took off, Well if you look at the yellow and hit the gas with the turn yellow you will have a green, The officer gave me a ticket for unsafe turn, I have elected option 3. I went into intersection when my light was green, I had to slow down since the car infront of me had to and make sure I turned onto princess st and not hit the cars turning onto princess street (they would of had a red) I have seen so many cars turning left and the light turns yellow but they still go through even when it just turns red, the finish the turn and the others wait for it to be safe to enter intersection, But because he just had a green (which officer said he punched the gas and has a truck that can and will take off quick and hard and question if it was green but someone said it was JUST green, and he was only one that had moved from white line) and officer told me it is a very quick light and light change, He was not charged with anything, If I am found guilty of this then wth was I suppose to do,, not enter the intersection on a green left turn signal during rush hour traffic? stopped and stayed in the middle of intersection? backed up into the car behind me that was doing the same turn? I thought it was suppose to be when light is green and is safe to enter intersection, Not green light go no matter what! I have been driving for 20 years and never received any ticket, Not even seatbelt. Do I have any chance at all fighting this ticket? I do believe that if 1% chance not guilty to plea not guilty because its my right too, but don't want to congest courts either with foolishness, The officer said that the green light is long enough for 3 cars to get through, I did not know any of this, Please any advice or suggestions would be appreciated, (I also do not have the money for a lawyer but I am not afraid to defend myself in court, and have represented my son in court too) :!:
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