RED LIGHT TICKET. 2 months after the offence

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RED LIGHT TICKET. 2 months after the offence

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Hi, I got a red light camera offence notice. The intersection is Berrigan Dr./Wessex Dr.and Greenbank Road in Ottawa. The offence date is October 3rd, 2011, and the date of deemed service is October 21, 2011. However, I did not receive this notice till December 1, 2011, which means by the time i got the ticket, the original 15 days had passed. I also didn't get the 2nd part of the notice, the part that shows option 3. I don't remember going through the light but since there's pictures, I guess i did do it.

It says I approached the red at 0.002 seconds, and that I approached through the intersection when the light had been for 001.0 seconds. My speed limit was 68km.
Based on all this information, do i even have a valid defense, or should I just plead guilty and pay the fine?


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