Need Help To Reduce Fine!!!

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Need Help To Reduce Fine!!!

by: protegeabuser on

so i have posted a picture of the information

it happened at midland ave. and mcnicoll. on 30th sept 2011, at 4:12 am

it basically says the red light was on 000.6 seconds

i was in the intersection at 1.5 seconds

i was going 65 km/h

the other information u can probably see in the pic

this happened after my car had broken down on midland, i was driving home, the car in front of me is my dads(can be seen in the first pic)

the fine is $325. im guilty i know it. i just need the fine to be less then about 100. im a student and i cant really afford the $325.

the car is under my dad's name

please any help is greatly appreciated

i have also posted a direct link to a bigger pic so you can see the details ... 172115.jpg
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by: Stanton on

You can try pleading guilty with an explanation to the Justice of the Peace. Typically they'll reduce the fine by half, not sure if you'd get it down to $100 though. You can also try working out a plea deal with the Crown to a reduced fine, but again I'm not sure you'll get that much of a reduction. You can also ask for an extended period of time to pay upon conviction which may help.

Your father may also need to attend or provide some type of documentation that he's allowing you to represent him since the ticket is in his name.

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