uturn/Left Turn/Permit

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uturn/Left Turn/Permit

by: Chris55 on
Fri Mar 11, 2011 6:01 pm


So here is the scenario. It was about 4:10pm and I was diving in a neighborhood I have never been to before. I just moved to the city on January 1st of this year and was about 20min West of where I live. On my way back home (coming East from Brampton) I decided to not take the 401 and take side streets. I realized I had made a wrong turn and figured I would have to turn around. I turned southbound on Renforth Drive from Eglinton and found the first side street I could to turn around. As I was making the turn onto the side street I noticed a "no left hand turn from 4pm-6pm Mon-Fri). It was about 4:10pm on a Friday and I decided to finish the turn (in order to prevent myself from backing up or Uturning). When I got onto the side street I quickly made a 3pt turn and was on my merry way. A cop saw me and pulled me over for a U turn violation (there was indeed a No U Turn Sign where I had made the left hand turn). I explained the above situation to the officer and he took my info and went back to the cruiser. He came back with a 2pts, $110 fine for disobeying signs and another $110 ticket for "drive motor vehicle, No currently validated permit". I told him that the sticker on the back of my plate was up to date and he said that the car registration I handed him was not validated. (for my 2000 Pontiac). Apparently, the photo-copy I had of my car-registration also has to have a validated sticker/permit. Can anyone help me with either of these issues?


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by: Stanton on
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From your description it does sound like you committed both offences. While a photocopy of your ownership is acceptable, it must be a "true" copy, meaning front and back. When you receive a new validation sticker for your plate, there is a smaller sticker to go on the back of your ownership. Your copy must show the most recent sticker.

It's quite likely that if you request a first attendance meeting with the Crown, they'd drop one charge in exchange for a guilty plea on the other one.
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