Lidar testing and operation

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Lidar testing and operation

by: gramada2 on
Fri Oct 25, 2013 2:28 pm

On my trial the officer said he never read the operating manual and he doesn't know about the clear line of view when choosing the road side location. He is shooting behind a big tree and the light beem has to go thru the branches.
He said that he tested the device before the shift but never record that and it is not documented anywhere.
Also he said he doesn't know if the Lidar need to be calibrated and never been calibrated by him or autorized technician.
The officer testified the light beam from the Lidar is a dot size at any distance -not as specified by the manufacturer width 1m at 1000m distance.
Can that officer be considered qualified to operate the device and is it acceptabel just to say the device was tested or need to be documented?
Thanks for all your replies!
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