Handicapped parking spot signage

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Handicapped parking spot signage

by: docbill on
Tue Sep 25, 2012 8:51 am

Something that frustrates me, is all the time I see handicapped spots that do not meet the ADA requirements. There is suppose to be a blue sign indicating it is a handi-capped spot, as well as distinctive marking on the spot. The spot should be wide enough to allow one to assist in unloading the passenger with a wheel chair. Take for example the McDonalds in Highway 20 and Rymal Road. It has two handicapped spots. They have marked it with signs and the lot, but the parking spots are normal width. When my mother-inlaw went with my brother-inlaw recently, there was no room to help here out of the vehicle. Now I did find the provicial law that states some minimal information about Ontario requirements. But then appendix A is an example by-law, indicating they expect actual enforcement to be a local by-law.

How do I find by-laws for various municipalities? What is the proper procedure should the space be lacking the necessary requirements?

And of course, I'm sure everyone has at one point parked in a handicapped spot with no sign. The ground painting is not visible in all weather, may not be viewable when backing-up into the space, can become faded, or of course covered with dirt or snow. So particularly when the spot doesn't meet the other marking or width requirements and is not the closest to the door, it is easy to accidentally park in them. Should one do so, and receive a ticket for the offence, is that sufficient grounds for defence? Should one come to court armed with by-laws and a photo? Is establishing the markings don't meet the by-law requirements sufficient, or does one need to try and capture a picture under the same conditions they parked to show there were no visible indications it was a handicapped spot?
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