Parking Lots

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Parking Lots

by: Saya619 on

I have been driving (accident free) for 9 years. I have had only 1 speeding ticket in my history, so I Concider myself a very good driver. My friends know this and a couple of them asked me to teach them the fundamentals of driving.

I decided to teach them in the same method I was an empty mall parking lot.

I can tell you that a couple of my friends that I have taught went and wrote their G1 and passed as well as gone to complete their G2 test and passed with flying colours! I'm so proud!

One of my friends recently approached me saying they were speaking with mall security and they said the laws have changed and that - teaching someone to drive without a license in an empty parking lot - is against the law.

I have been up and down this site looking for the section saying that private property, such as a mall's parking lot, is protected by the OHTA stating you cannot drive in it without a license.

I do understand that this takes jobs away from legal drivers-ed teachers, however I do tell all of my friends to go attend these classes because they can teach you a lot more, plus the legalities of the road as well as lesser your insurance!

My question is: is it illegal to drive in an empty mall parking lot without a license? Or can you not teach people how to drive in parking lots anymore?

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by: Stanton on

The HTA states that youre required to have a licence when driving on a highway. Based on HTA definitions, a mall parking lot would not meet this definition, therefor no licence is required. However, the mall lot is private property. The mall, if they wish, can insist that anyone operating a motor vehicle on their property do so with a licence. You could in theory be charged under the trespass to property act if you failed to follow their direction. There could also possibly be local bylaws dealing with licence and motor vehicle operation on private property. Last point to consider, if by some fluke chance you were involved in a crash, insurance companies may refuse to cover the damages when an unlicensed driver is behind the wheel. Id agree parking lots are a great place to learn, but nothing wrong with getting a G1 first, just to be safe.

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