I Have 2 Tickets!

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I Have 2 Tickets!

by: boek9 on

Yesterday i was on my way to my grandfathers funeral, and literally 20 feet from the church i was pulled over by a cop who had a speed trap. Yes i was going 80 in a 50, but i also had forgotten my wallet (containing my license). He charged me for 65 in a 50. I NEVER go anywhere without my wallet and i don't speed, but given the circumstances it was a stressful day. I tried explaining my case to the cop but he wouldnt let me speak. When i tried to talk he would cut me off, and then i tried when he was finished and he just walked away. Im now stuck with 2 tickets. The fines arent a big deal to me its just that now i wont be able to afford insurance. (19) I currently have one speeding ticket 15 over and failure to wear seatbelt.

I was wondering if theres anything i could do to possibly remove the tickets. Tell my case to someone who would listen, serve community service to wipe the tickets, anything.

I had two aunts pulled over by the same cop earlier in the day on the way to the church and they simply told them their situation and he said they could go.. Just want to know what my best options are

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by: Stanton on

There is no community service/driving school option for tickets in Ontario. Your choices are to either plead guilty or takes your chances at trial. You can also try and work out a deal with the Crown, but the fact that your speeding ticket has already been reduced by 15 over makes it unlikely. The fact that you were going to your grandfather's funeral is irrelevant to the Courts, it's not an emergency situation that would warrant speeding.

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