Turn not in Safety

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Turn not in Safety

by: robbu on
Tue Feb 23, 2010 4:19 pm

I was charged with Turn not in Safety

I was turning right at a stoplight (red to me) onto a 4 lane road / 2 going eash 2 going west (Dundas Street Oakville)

At the time of turning I checked my left side - there were no cars in the lane approcahing lane - there were cars in the inner lane
The car that hit me was following behind my witness at a fast speed and moved into the right lane to pass the witness At the same time as I was making my right turn (after I had proceeded into the intersection). He collided into the back of me
I didnt know what had happened until the witness explained it to me
I was charged with TURN NOT IN SAFETY
The other guy didnt say that he was speeding or that he made a last minute decision to pass on teh right
Do I have a chance to win this?
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