Court appearance messed up. Could I do better?

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Court appearance messed up. Could I do better?

by: pianoteacher on
Thu Dec 18, 2014 8:06 am

Hi Guys!
I had a court date in Whitby on December 16th. I came 10 minutes before the court time, went into the room 102 which was on my paper, told the prosecutor that I am entering not guilty plea. Asked about her witness, she said she hasn't seen him yet. I felt very well at that point.

The court started. First there were people who pleaded guilty. Half an hour into the court the clerk is telling me that I was supposed to be in the room number 104 (which is quite far away from the room 102). :confused:
Court appearance messed up. Could I do better?

The court stopped for a recess and the prosecutor and I went to the other room. The prosecutor in the room 104 told me that it deemed that I failed to appear and I was already convicted there. I guess they started with me right away. :shock: My guess that the officer failed to come to the that room as well. :mad: I did not see his lovely face around. After that the prosecutor from the room 102 started re-opening my case. The JP scheduled a new court date three months from now.

Now, it was not my fault that they messed up with the room and were so quick to convict. I had room 102 on my paper, the prosecutor had my name on her list and she also had my court papers in her hand. I took half of my day off at work and will have to ask for a half day again next time.
Please advise on could I do better than agreeing for another court day? Should I ask for the court to dismiss the case?? Did anybody else had such an experience? :(
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