Improper Left Turn Crazy Charge Got To Read!!!

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Improper Left Turn Crazy Charge Got To Read!!!

by: VWTDI on

okay this is crazy, i was leaving a parking lot, I was going left out of the lot to go south bound in Brampton, i had to cross two lanes of traffic and a center lane that was for south bound traffic to enter the plaza i was in. i waited for the cars to stop at an intersection about 250m to the north of me and as they stop the car in the right had lane and left hand lane of the north bound traffic stop let a car turn left into the plaza and me to leave the plaza as i was leaving (moving less then 5km) i was through the two lanes entering the center south bound turning lanes to merge when I collided with a vehicle going north, ( i was mid turn in south bound turning lanes no approaching cars) struck him in the passenger door, and he was knocked into the left hand lane of the south bound traffic know, when then both were instructed by the tow truck to move our vehicle to a parking lot where we should wait for the police. police showed arrested him for alcohol on his breath, I then had to follow the cop to the station and fill out his report, after all that i gave him my report of what happened and he gave me a ticket for improper left turn. I'm confused how is it my fault that he was driving against traffic?? can anyone help please!!!!!! Thanks

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by: Radar Identified on

That's an unusual one. I'd fight it. Make sure you get a full disclosure request in, which would include the officer's notes, an explanation and clarification of the charge, and also request a copy of the collision report. If the other driver was arrested and charged with impaired driving and was going northbound in the southbound lanes, I'd say there's a definite possibility of winning. However, the best thing to do is try to find out (via the disclosure package) why, specifically, you were charged. Did this happen during the daytime or at night? Also, just to clarify, what street did this occur on?

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