Improper left turn - Fight the traffic ticket
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Improper Left Turn

by: fairyjq on

My husband took a left turn on a yellow light from Southbound Don MIlls turning left on Eglinton Ave. at night. As he turned left, my husband went to the innermost left lane and then when he reached that already, he immediately made a safe lane change to the next lane (with signals). We didn't know that there were cruisers on the side of the road on Eglinton and so we were surprised that we were stopped (we saw they have stopped several other cars). The officer said that my husband made an improper left turn but did not elaborate how. He asked if he has ever been issued a ticket before and my husband said never.

Anyway, adding to that, we were asked for our vehicle permit. We gave him a photocopy of that which we had since we bought our van back in 2005. That being our first vehicle here in Canada, we didn't know that it was supposed to be photocopied back-to-back. We only had the front part copied. Add to that, the address on that permit was our old one as we moved last year. But ever since we moved, I have made changes to all our licenses and plates, I even already paid for 2 yrs for the plates (valid until 2010). That permit was the only one not changed as we didn't even bring it out all these years.

So, we got the ticket for the improper left turn but the officer said something that if we appear in court, he will be there and he will remove the demerit. And a ticket for "drive motor vehicle no currently validated permit".

My question is, did my husband do an improper left turn the way he did it? And can we contest the ticket for the permit, or what can of plea should we do?


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by: Squishy on

The officer can't remove demerits from the charge. If the charge carries demerit points, the MTO will automatically enter them upon conviction - it has nothing to do with the courts or a police service.

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