Improper Left Turn

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Improper Left Turn

by: blacktiger_ca on

I as making a left turn, there is no seperate left turn light, so i waited to the signal to become yellow and th ecar infront of me on the opp direction on the left lane slowed and almost came to stop and there was no car on the right lane in opp direction (two lane road) so i stared makeing the ;eft turn but th evan behind the stoped car on the lfet lane in opp direction sunndely change to right lane and speed up to beat the signal which i didnt expect, his driver side colided with my driver side edge and his van came to stop and sideway. he was rushed to hospital. police is investigating the accident.

the problem is they release the car to the imponding lot but as i have one way insurace i want to know whoose fault it is before i clamin th einsurance. called the police they saying the investigaion will late couple month to finish.

from the incident what you think whoose fault it is?

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by: racer on

Running the yellow is an offence. If you described the situation correctly, you should not be at fault. Can you check if the stopped driver can/will give evidence?

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by: Bookm on

Turning left when it is not safe to do so is also illegal. Insurance "might" consider a 50/50 split.

Not sure how his passenger side hit your driver side :?

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by: Squishy on

Most likely the insurance company will find you 100% at fault. Even if they go with 50/50, that just helps your deductible - you still get an at-fault collision on your record.

This is separate from the police investigation.

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