Defending my illegal left hand turn -help!

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Defending my illegal left hand turn -help!

by: exquisitevex on
Fri Feb 17, 2012 11:19 am

I was pulled over for making a left hand turn at 5:30pm at a corner with a posted sign no left turns between 4-6pm.

Unfortunately, the insurance from my glove box was also unknowingly removed for my car, so I got a ticket for no insurance too. BLAST!

Despite the two tickets, the cop was pretty nice. He adamantly encouraged me to fight the tickets.
1) If I prove I had/have valid insurance, that ticket will be dropped
2) He will drop the demerit points on the left hand turn ticket if I go to court

I'm seriously not the person to challenge my guilt on the turn - construction had made it impossible to turn left off of King Street ANYWHERE and there was a serious opening in traffic that I took advantage of by taking the turn. Sure as hell wasn't dangerous, just obviously illegal.

So now I have my court date in June and have no idea how this is going to work and how I am going to defend myself.
1) What do I need to bring for insurance? Just my insurance slips?
2) HOW do I get points dropped on the left hand turn? "Yes um I'm guilty, but the cop told me to come here today and he'd drop the points"


Any advice???
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by: Stanton on
Fri Feb 17, 2012 1:05 pm

1) A valid insurance slips for the date of the offence should suffice as proof that you had insurance. But what were you actually charged with? Not having insurance or not having your proof of insurance with you? If it was the latter, the charge is for not having it with you at the time you were stopped. Bringing it to Court doesn't nullify the offence. The Crown may drop it, but you still committed the offence.

2) The police officer has no authority to make deals once the ticket has been issued. He can only recommend to the Crown that you be offered a reduction or plea deal. Furthermore, points can't be waived. If you're found guilty of an offence that carries points, you get them automatically. The only way to avoid points is to be found not guilty or work out a deal to plead to a different offence that doesn't carry any points.

In your case, you'll probably be offered a deal to plead guilty to one offence in exchange for the other charge being dropped.
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by: viper1 on
Fri Feb 17, 2012 9:37 pm

King street you have to do right/right/right to get your

I had a similar ticket once(the cop said to fight it)

I had a first attendance meeting. I told her the cop said the charge would be dropped. She freaked out a bit.
Saying he should have said that.

She dropped it their though.

My guess is they do not want anyone to bring things like that up in court.

My other guess is that if you took your insurance slip to the first attendance meeting that charge would be dropped.

Then tell them about what the cop said. you might get offered a bylaw ticket instead.

Main thing is you want that insurance ticket dropped.

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