Got a Failing to obey signs traffic ticket?
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Illegal Left Turn Before 7pm; But My Car Clock Said 7:04pm

by: pamaye on

Hey guys I would really appreciate your help as this is my first offence.

I was pulled over apparently at 6:44PM, while driving my sister's car, for making an illegal left turn when the sign said no left turn from 7am-7pm. However, my car's clock definitely said the time was past 7:00PM (around 7:03 or 7:04PM). The officer pulled me over and said I missed the sign, took my license and went to write the ticket. When he came back he explained that I cannot make a left turn before 7PM and that I can fight it in court. I was dropping my friend off at a bus stop so I was in a hurry and left with the ticket. But as far as I know, I did not commit a crime. I was later informed by my sister that she set the time to 30 minutes later so that she's not late for appointments -___-. Anyway, at the time I thought I was not making an offence. The officer said he was recording me, so I don't know if he has a video that is time stamped or not. Should I take this to trial?

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