Appeal for 141(7) Improper Left Turn

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Appeal for 141(7) Improper Left Turn

by: rileykrss on
Wed Dec 01, 2010 11:57 am

Friday November 26th around 6:45 pm. Freezing rain and mild snowfall earlier that week.

Location: Ottawa, Innes Rd between Prestwick and Tenth Line

I was leaving a plaza parking lot and was turning left. The first car wasn't properly letting me by (constantly inching forward) so I let it pass. The car behind it signaled to me and flashed their lights waving me in. After a few seconds to confirm the way was clear, I proceeded with my turn. I was clipped by a car I had not seen in the lane closest to the center median.

The officer stated it was a corner to corner collision but that she hit me (the damage was clear as my bumper was peeled off from the impact corner whereas the front of her bumper was compressed and her wiper fluid tank was shattered). The officer told me how he had told her that if she sees a car stopped in the other lane, she should slow down due to the other lane may be letting someone in.

Innes Rd had a red light at the Tenth Line intersection, if I recall correctly.

I understand that I am at fault as Innes had the right of way but wanted to know my chances to appeal this fine and agree to pay the amount ($110) as long as the demerit points do not appear on my record, impacting my insurance.

Any thoughts and advice is greatly appreciated :)
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by: diehard on
Thu Dec 02, 2010 12:38 pm

Insurance companies don't care about demerit points.

All they want to know is about convictions.

If you're convicted of this one, then your insurance may increase (that depends on company forgiveness too etc).

Perhaps you can consider fighting the ticket.
A lot of things can happen, like officer not showing up, delayed trial, etc.
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