Who Is Held Responsible For Improper Maintenance Of A Road?

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Who Is Held Responsible For Improper Maintenance Of A Road?

by: etcheffects on
Tue Jan 10, 2012 2:23 pm

First off ... if this is the wrong forum for posting, I apologize as I could not find one that pertains to my question

I realize general road maintenance is the responsibility of the township that it covers, although when the road is being used by heavy equipment [CN rebuilding in area] large tractor-trailers and dump trucks with tandem trailers filled with large gravel traveled up and down the road all summer causing 'tire tracks' in the road from over-weigh loads.

Also the road traveled on a daily basis was 'patched' shortly after the accident - it still a rather bumpy road to be travelling on any time of the year.

There are no posted signs on road [Speed Limit - Road Weight Max Allowed] which seems to cause daily damage to the road with tractor-trailers that should be using main highways.

Who is responsible for causing the damage to the road which in turn had been a contributing factor in my accident happening [as when I had braked .. my tires of the truck had fallen into the pothole which had filled with water causing me to hydroplane and roll my vehicle.

Anxiously awaiting a reply a this question

Thanking all in advance and await a reasonable explanation.

Until then,

Thank you
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