Got a Failing to obey signs traffic ticket?
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Closed Road - Changed To "disobey Road Sign"

by: ponyboyt on

This is a ticket i got a while ago. Was stopped for the 2nd time on my way home (12 minutes after the first stop). I was dropping someone off and was directed to turn down a road that had a "road closed" sign but the road was open. Not sure if it said local traffic only or not, but where i was dropping my passenger was at the end of that street which was closed. The road looked like it was open, i didnt even have to go around the sign. So i was puled over, and the officer said he was going to ticket my for "disobey a road sign, so that you wont get any points. If i give you a ticket for driving down a closed road, you would lose 3 points."

So i guess i pretty much thanked him and went on my way. I did not contend the ticket. When i spoke with paralegal about another ticket he informed me that i WOULD be getting points. It has been quite some time since that ticket, and i have received no notice from that county to pay the fine.

Is there anything i should do? I would of course have contended the ticket if i knew i would be getting points, but i was told i would not. I am way past the 15 days to reply thing on the ticket.

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by: Bookm on

They will likely honor your request for a trial even if you are way past the 15-days (personal experience). Sign "not-guilty" on the ticket and get in in right away.

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