Who is Responsible?

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Who is Responsible?

by: etcheffects on
Tue Jan 17, 2012 1:38 pm

Wanted to know who was responsible for the road maintenance of secondary roads?

Are all roads the responsibility of each township or town/city?

If a road that is well traveled and in dire need of total rebuild as the 'patching' is a temporary fix and experience has shown that the patch will soon loose it's strength and become a pothole again.

One road in particular has been used to haul ROCK in tractor-trailers and dump trucks with pup trailers, some looked abit over-weight, as they would crawl up the hill to the drop off location [CN repairing tracks in Eastern Ontario]

All of these trucks and other tractor-trailers use the road, that should only be used by mandatory vehicles [Emergency Services-Police/Ambulance/MTO and other larger vehicles like fire and garbage trucks - although there are NO signs stating this [Max. Weight] ... also there are now Speed Limit signs posted .. which might explain 'some' drivers thinking it's a drag strip.

Hope to get some answers and insight

Until then,
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