What would you do? Is there any legal course of action?

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What would you do? Is there any legal course of action?

by: Observer135 on
Fri Aug 05, 2016 8:11 am

I visit a Husky gas station in Mississauga on regular basis, the price is always cheaper than other stations. The problem is, this station is a truck stop and some truck drivers want to run over any 4 wheel cars coming in or out of there.

So today as I'm exiting the station, while I am as close as I can be to the right curb an 18 wheel truck is making a left turn into the station, at first he was heading head on for me, when he saw me he corrected to move to the left of the driveway but it was too late and his trailer followed the short path, partially due to the way he took the turn.
So here I am, stopped waiting for him to clear my path, a pickup truck behind me and his rear axle is about to go over the hood of my car while fully stopped in a private property.

Total reckless and aggressive driving if you ask me, but I'm a simpleton.

The only reason the accident was avoided was because I leaned on the horn and he just managed to stop few centimeters short of hitting me.

My question is, is there anything that I can do about this? This is not the first time for such incident. What if he had not stopped in time? I would be on the hook for my deductible plus my insurance would take a hike too.

Any and all input and advise is appreciated, just don't tell me to stop going there, lol
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by: jsherk on
Fri Aug 05, 2016 10:00 am

(1) get a dashcam.

(2) in ontario, I if the other person is 100% at fault (which he would have been in this case), then it will NOT cause your insurance to go up and you do NOT have to pay any deductible.

(3) they can still be charged, even if it is on private property.
+++ This is not legal advice, only my opinion +++
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