Ticket mailed back one day late? Automatic conviction?

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Ticket mailed back one day late? Automatic conviction?

by: Raxenda on
Sat Jan 11, 2014 10:16 am

I'm a 19 year old girl who made a poor choice to trust a less-expensive courier service and is now scared of facing automatic conviction because of it. PLEASE give me some advice.

Okay. So I was charged with careless driving a couple weeks ago, which I intend to ask for early resolution for (hoping for reduction to failure to stop). The 15th day after my accident was yesterday, Friday January 10th. However I am terrified, as I am led to believe that the ticket I mailed back did not get there in time. According to my tracking number on Canada Post's website, it was "Out For Delivery" at 9:57am yesterday, so I thought I should be good, but its status is still undelivered. So first of all, I'm upset because I don't know what happened to it (as the Out For Delivery status means that it should have been delivered yesterday). Secondly, assuming it doesn't get there until Monday (since no post on weekends), it is now officially past the 15 days and I am supposedly looking at automatic conviction.

I am devastated by this and extremely angry at myself for not choosing to send it with Priority mail (I sent it with Express instead). Does anyone have any experience/advice with something like this? If I call the court office FIRST THING on Monday morning, explain that according to Canada Post it should have been delivered by day 15 but did not, and that it should arrive that one day late...will they grant me pardon and give me my early resolution? I just hope they will be lenient if I explain as soon as possible, but I really don't know how these things work/how sticky they will be. I can show them a screenshot of my CP tracking page that proves the notice was "out for delivery" on day 15 if need be.
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by: 287 on
Sat Jan 11, 2014 2:03 pm

It should be alright :) I called the courts after I mailed a request for Early Resolution to ensure they received it, and on my first call they had not, it was past the 15 days. I was reassured that there is a grace period and not to worry, they suggested I call back 2 or 4 days later and when I did, they had it. I was dealing with the court in Caledon.
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