Didnt Come To The Court And Get Ticket For Late Payment

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Didnt Come To The Court And Get Ticket For Late Payment

by: Thao on

Hi everyone!

I need an advice for my case in urgent. Last year one police officer catched me on the road because my sticker felt off. He asked me about paper and unluckily i didnt bring the renew car insurance with me at this time. I was scared and didnt listen to carefully that i have to show all proper papers at the court. I lost the ticket few day later and forgot about it. Until this June, they sent me a ticket cost more than 5,000 bc of no car insurance and didnt show off at the court. The conviction date is 13 June 2018. Even i didnt know i miss few times already. I did motion to ask for next court at 18 Sep. However, the minister of transportation has just sent me a paper to ask for fine payment on 17 July.

1.Now i confuse that i should pay or wait until the next court i can present all my proper paper to them.

2.The date to count for late payment from the conviction date 13 June or the date of the letter from Ministry of Transportation 17 July?

3. Did they refund if i pay the fine first and prove that i have all paper later at the court on 18 Sep?

Thanks for reading my issue. Pls give me an advice for my case.

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