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Speed Versus Safety Of Cyclists

by: Radar Identified on

In a previous thread, racer asked if there were any stats on the survival rate of cyclists in collisions with cars. Here it is:

http://www.transport.govt.nz/assets/New ... uly-07.pdf

A cyclist hit at 32 km/h has a 95% chance of surviving; at 48 km/h, 55%, and at 70 km/h, almost zero. This means the speed of the car at the time it struck the cyclist. The information is on the last page of the study.

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Posting Awards

by: racer on

Thanks for the info RI!

I've said it before, including to cop's face, and I'll say it again - I'd much prefer being a pedestrian hit by cyclist than a cyclist hit by a car. Some roads in Guelph have limit of 60, meaning everyone goes 70, so I think I'll pass on biking on the road there, unless it is near-empty...

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