Caught Speeding (speed Trap) With Speed Gun: 25 Over

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Caught Speeding (speed Trap) With Speed Gun: 25 Over

by: kylejyc on

Hi, I was recently caught back in August of 2018 in a speed trap in Toronto.

I filed for disclosure a few months ago and still have not received it. My court date is on Monday and am not sure what to do (it is my first time going to traffic court and first traffic ticket). Should I be requesting for adjournment because I did not receive my disclosure, or should I wait until I know if the cop is there or not? If he is NOT there, how do I proceed with the prosecutor to make sure the charges are dropped? Should I still request adjournment given the fact I did not receive my disclosure, or do I plea not guilty?

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by: Decatur on

The first thing you need to answer is, did you check to see if your disclosure was ready? The obligation is on you to to get the disclosure, not just request it and forget about it. You may be able to request an adjournment and receive you disclosure on Monday. The chances of the officer not being there are quite slim now. Officers get paid to be at court and generally have sufficient notice to attend.

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