i am in police foundations, did i ruin my career path by...

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i am in police foundations, did i ruin my career path by...

by: h53khan on
Wed Oct 30, 2013 3:44 am

Bac above zero, g2 driver, 24 hour suspension. Had half a beer and drove 1 hr later. Failed breathalizer. I am in police foundations college course, did i ruin my future career? First offence, otherwise clean.

I am looking for an officer/ex-officers input.

Thank you
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by: OPS Copper on
Wed Oct 30, 2013 9:35 am

If you were applying to Ottawa then Yes you did.


Oh and the fact you are lying about how much you had is even worse. I am a qualified Breath tech and it is physically impossible to blow in the warn range after half a beer and an hr. It is scientifically impossible as there is not enough alcohol in half a beer to bring you greater then .49mg/100ml level and the elimination rate of alcohol after an hour and half a beer would have eliminated most of the alcohol after an hour.
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by: Decatur on
Wed Oct 30, 2013 10:06 am

He didn't say he blew a warn. Just a BaC above zero for a new driver. If you are found guilty you will be subject to an additional 30 day suspension. This will affect any immediate plans in the next year to get hired by any police agency in Ontario and will probably always be a consideration when hiring.
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