Park In A Public Designated Space Without A Permit

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Park In A Public Designated Space Without A Permit

by: sputnickbr on


I need some assistance. Some weeks ago I got a 350 ticket for the following violation:

"Park in a public designated space without a permit"

I have a VALID permit and I've been parking at this spot for 3 years. This day specifically my permit wasn't displayed properly (see image here: and the by-law wasn't able to see the expiration date.

I went to the City Hall on the same day to show my valid permit, but they were closed for the day. I sent an email explaining that I had a valid permit. I went the next day to talk to the manager, showed him the valid permit and he refused to cancel it and said that I had to go to court.

Technically I'm wrong, but I went to the manager the next day to prove that a valid permit was in place, but not correctly. I'm waiting for the court date, but I would like to hear from you about what should I do. It is a 350 ticket that I believe could just be a warning.

Thank you

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