Number Plate Violation Sec 13(2)

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Number Plate Violation Sec 13(2)

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Stanton wrote: Tue May 24, 2011 11:13 am

I would suggest option 3 and request a first attendance meeting with the Crown. There is no guarantee of anything, but I imagine they would at least offer a reduced fine.

I had this, this morning (first attendance/early resolution) and they did offer a reduced fine but I dont want it on my driving record. Should I go to court and flight it? about 8-9 hours after i got the ticket i removed the tinted covers. And 2-3 weeks after I changed my plates entirely due to having a B series one that peeled ( I didn't want second ticket). Do you think they will throw this out if i go to court? showing that I tried to fix this right away. Never had a ticket like this before and have a clean driving record otherwise.

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Re: Number Plate Violation Sec 13(2)

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Its unlikely they will withdraw the charge. If that were going to happen, they would have done so at your early resolution meeting and avoided wasting a trial time. So,it likely will go to trial. However, it is possible that you could win at trial if you can establish a due diligence defence (as Stanton described above). But its going to be hard for you to establish---just because you didn't notice the broken plate is not a defence and doesn't meet the due diligence test.

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