New Durham Police Electronically Printed Tickets Fatal Error

Author: radarscam

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Too bad the internet wasn't around when I was a teen. I could have used a tutorial on court proceedings on my first visit (17 years old at the time). My mother was close friends with a local JP (didn't even know what that was at the time, LOL). She overheard my griping about my latest ticket and calmly explained that if I have some issue with the charge I should have it heard by the court. So I went as a total newb! Spoke out inappropriately at times, questioned who this mean guy was making derogatory comments beside me (the Crown, LOL), etc. But as green as I was, I still managed to WIN that first case. Actually, I think the JP took pity on me and found a way to help me win by quoting specifics from the HTA that I should have been reciting myself <chuckle>.

After several later visits, I have become fairly comfortable with the proceedings. I have found that as long as I mind my manners and don't offend the JP, they seem to be "rooting for the little guy", and rule quite fairly. The only case I lost was when an actual judge sat in that day. It's clear he saw me pull in earlier in my jacked-up hot rod because he found me guilty the second he asked me if that was my orange car in the parking lot, LOL. I felt very much offended by that decision. It's one I was certain I would win. 28 years later and I'm still mad!

So now I encourage all my friends, family and co-workers to try it at least once, so they learn the process and know better how to prepare for the next time ;)

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Allan E. Scott's "Fight that Ticket in Ontario

Required reading for "Law in everyday life" at Gerogian College in Barrie. OR
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Although we have been off on several tangents I want to draw us back to Radarscam's original question in this thread about electronic tickets. I found the regulation under the POA: ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTS, O. Reg. 497/94.

According to section 2(1) A document is properly signed in an electronic format if the document contains a code, name or number of a person that is capable of identifying the person as the originator of the document and the code, name or number.

In other words, no original signature required. It's a beginner's mistake and I should know better: check the regs, not just the Act! So radarscam, allow me to eat humble pie and apologize for originally suggesting you had a fatal error.

If you can tell me what the charge is, perhaps I can redeem myself with suggesting other methods of attacking the ticket.

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ticketcombat wrote: So radarscam, allow me to eat humble pie and apologize for originally suggesting you had a fatal error.

I worked hard on this for you ticketcombat :D

Above is merely a suggestion/thought and in no way constitutes legal advice or views of my employer.
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