Fatal Error: only first initial of given name?

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Fatal Error: only first initial of given name?

Unread post by iFly55 on

A family friend received a reduced speeding ticket for +15 on the QEW and on the Offense Notice my friend's given name was written as an initial; his family name however was written in full

Family/Nom de famile


because the Given Name wasn't written completely would this constitute a Fatal Error?

he lives in New York and has a NY drivers license, vehicle & plate; would this ticket affect his driving record in the U.S.?

we're thinking of just paying the $52.50 fine, especially because the speed was reduced from 146

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Unread post by Stanton on

Not sure if first initial only constitutes a fatal error, but Ontario convictions DO appear on New York and Michigan licences.

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Unread post by Radar Identified on

I'd say that's not a fatal error.

Stanton is right, the conviction will appear on his licence in New York.

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