License Plate Sticker / Exceptions Due To Covid

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License Plate Sticker / Exceptions Due To Covid

by: bobajob on

Hey Guy's

On the site, it gives exceptions for plate stickers, my renewal came up before covid

so it says I'm exempt till they say so..

That was March and were now in October, as much as I don't mind not paying, I'm now getting worried, I'll get asked to pay twice (my renewal comes up in April) or I'll get copped or something... anyone else in the same boat

Been checking my mail and checking the site on a weekly basis and stills says, (if on date) your exampt till advised. I'm driving around with a screenshot just in case.

If I get into an accident and I have no sticker could I get into any trouble.

thanks a lot guys

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by: Decatur on

As long as it expired on or after March 1st you’re covered by the extension. I have seen no release from the province as to when the extension will cease. It’s also unknown what the province will do when it gets close to a year of the extension.. will they forgive everyone for the whole year? Charge everyone for the cost of the past year plus the coming year? Who knows.

There’s nothing stopping you from renewing it right now.

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