Insurance, ownership, (and rental cars)

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Insurance, ownership, (and rental cars)

by: Markus on
Tue Nov 01, 2016 5:29 pm

I have searched the forum but I can't find a definitive answer to the following:

1. Does the insurance card carried in a vehicle have to be original or is a photocopy okay?

2. Does the ownership/permit carried in a vehicle have to be original or is a photocopy okay?

I ask because I am currently borrowing a car from my sister and she has only photocopies of each in the car.

I frequently rent cars in Ontario. Sometimes there is an ownership and insurance card in the rental vehicle, often there is not. When I have mentioned this to the rental companies they say that the copy of the rental agreement is all that is needed to hand to a police officer. I'm somewhat suspicious of this. Can anyone confirm/deny what I'm being told by the rental companies? If the actual ownership and insurance cards are not in the car when they are supposed to be, how likely is it that a police officer would give me a ticket for failure to produce them (assuming firstly that I get pulled over at all and secondly that I am my usual polite/nice self with the officer and thirdly that I show the officer the rental agreement)?
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