Improper Information On A Ticket

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Improper Information On A Ticket

by: mccully7 on

I recieved a ticket the other day for not driving with a licenced driver while I only carry a G1 lisence.The officer that gave me the $ 110.00 ticket was nice about not taking away or suspending my G1 but the only problem is this. The officer that gave me the ticket pulled me over at approx. 9:23 PM at night for not having headlights on. However I found later that he wrote on the ticket that I was pulled over at 9:23 AM. Now if I was indeed pulled over for not having my headlights on why would I need them on at 9:23 AM when the sun has been out for 3 hours already give or take. Also im willing to bet that the officer who gave me the ticket was not even working that morning because he did indeed pull me over into the night. So if the officer is not punched in and booked as on duty at that time he cant be giving me a ticket right?. Am I with in my rights to fight this in court or am i stupid and should just pay the $110.00 and say thank god I didnt get suspendid? What do you think?

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by: Reflections on

This is an amendable error. The JP can fix this in court. Try to plea it down if you wish. OR
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