Hta 85 (1) Oper/permit Veh Fail Display

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Hta 85 (1) Oper/permit Veh Fail Display

by: Andie on
Tue Jul 03, 2018 6:14 pm

I received a ticket in May while I was driving a company pickup truck, towing a trailer. The ticket was issued for Highway Traffic Act Sec. 85 (1). OPER/PERMIT VEH FAIL DISPLAY.

I had no idea that a sticker was required and my employer didn't tell me one was required. Shouldn't the Owner/Operator be responsible for the sticker?

As the driver, do you think I could fight the tickets? The officer issued 2 tickets to my employer and 2 tickets to me as the driver. Each ticket is $240.

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by: PensFan87 on
Wed Jul 25, 2018 3:52 pm

Key words in your statement are Owner & Operator......fact is both should know. All pick ups are classed as CMV's and have to abide by CMV rules and regulations with numerous exceptions [too many to list here for this post].

You MAY be able to get it reduced if you go see the JP and the owner actually got the inspection done and you can prove it.....but only the JP knows this. You could also ask your employer to pay both sets of tickets as it is ultimately their responsibility to have it done......but that may also get you to the "unemployment line" as well so proceed with caution there!! It is your responsibility to know you needed it though, as well.

Only 2 options I see for you......sorry!

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