Help!! How Can I Be Convicted Of Driving While Suspended When I Never Knew I Was Suspended

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Help!! How Can I Be Convicted Of Driving While Suspended When I Never Knew I Was Suspended

by: 379pete on

I need help.

The past Friday I got a letter from the ministry saying i am convicted by a court for driving while suspended so i have a 6 month suspended licence a fine that i will find out the amount in 6 months and the reinstatement fee!!

Now i was never pulled over never got a ticket dont drink / drugs so no impaired etc nor was a letter sent prior informing me of any suspensions or stating to hand. over my licence nor was i stopped on either occasion and i have been trucking for 35years so i need my licence to live so what can i do about this now i have to work. I did my rewrite last summer so a/z is current can you help me here i dont understand how this happened so after trucking for 35years clean ab start etc im looking for help ill lose my truck if i cant drive.

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by: whaddyaknow on

Just to clarify, you are saying that you have never even been pulled over (in your life?) but your license has been suspended?

If that is truly the case, it sounds like a clerical error to me. These things do happen.

Others here will know the process better than I do, but I would suspect there must be some contact information in this letter, you should contact them to get more details.

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by: lord_Relish on

Another avenue to look at: have you ever been ordered by a court to pay child support? and if so, is it current?

Only asking as the courts can order the FRO (Family Responsibility Office) to enforce those payments and one of their favorite ways to punish people they deem are in default is to have your driver's license suspended.

Now - they do have to summon you to court to achieve this, but if the address they have is not current, you may never know and it will just happen in the background.

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