Got ticket for failing to surrender permit for motor vehicle

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Got ticket for failing to surrender permit for motor vehicle

by: philkesselpwns on
Sun Apr 29, 2012 10:32 pm

Ok, so heres the shake down. It was about 12:30 a.m. at night i was with my friend driving him home from a party doing 80km in a 60 zone and the cop was in the opposite lane and did a uturn and followed me for about 5 minutes only to finally pull me over :( He said i also didnt make a complete stop at one of the stop signs which i know i did because i knew there was a cop following me for 5 minutes... also the cops searched the whole car and my friend because he smelt split bong water in there from my buddy. he found beer cans under my friends seat as well one was half full which we had no idea about they were from one of my other friends from the party that had left them there. So i ended up getting a fine for failing to surrender permit for motor vehicle which i am very lucky i only got but if i go to the prosecutor with a valid up to date permit will he reduce my fines or give me community service work? or wll he see that i could of gotten a fine for havng open alcohol, speeding, and rolling thorugh a stop sign? i dont know what to do? Also i really feel bad for my friend as he got an underage drinking fine for those beer cans that werent even his! so what should i do?
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