Got A Ticket, But Also Got Warnings - Can I Fight It Still?

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Got A Ticket, But Also Got Warnings - Can I Fight It Still?

by: mezer on

I took off my seatbelt 200 meters before turning into a parking lot. Received a $110 ticket, 2 demerit points. Seems like a hefty charge for someone who knows the importance of wearing a seatbelt. I ALWAYS wear it, was just anxious to get out of my car, and took it off early.

Problem is. He also gave me 2 warnings for plate stick obstruction, and plate sticker location. $225 each ticket.

1 question: If I try to fight this in court, will the officer then bring up the warnings he gave me previously, and will I be charged for those.

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by: Reflections on

Fix the plate stuff and fight the ticket if you wish. The officer could have nailed you with all three tickets, but he chose not to. OR
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