should i fight this ticket?

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should i fight this ticket?

by: madman on
Fri Sep 14, 2012 1:47 pm

i was clocked doing 62km in a 40km school zone around the corner from my house. officer was parked at the side of the street. he pulls me over and says i was doing 62 in a 40 and i ask him twice if he is sure that this is a 40km zone - because i have taken this route every day for the last 9 years and i always thought it was a normal 50 limit that exists unless otherwise marked. he insists that it is a 40 zone. he also saw that i pulled onto the street south of the actual school and he notes on the ticket the crossroad where i turned onto the street - he says that is why he knocked it down to 55km - because i turned onto street south of the school and was driving away from the school zone

so here is the deal - he knocks the ticket down from 62 to 55 in a demerit and $52.50 fine. there is a 62/r in the code box of the ticket so he says that he will amend up if i fight it.

i have gone back and verified that there are no posted school zone signs or speed limit signs from where i turned onto the street where i was stopped - no signs at all right to where the street ends

so if i fight this - are they gonna just bump the ticket back up to 62 and say that in the least i was doing 12 over the city 50km speed limit...which i am assuming will be the same fine as doing 55 in a 40km zone?? for $50 its not really worth my time - i am just bothered by the fact that they have set up a speed trap in an area where there are no posted 40km/school zone signs
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