Drivers Abstract Destroyed!! Paralegal Negligence Need Help

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Drivers Abstract Destroyed!! Paralegal Negligence Need Help

by: NSINGH1992 on



I had a ticket for cell phone back in 2015 i had a paralegal dealing with the matter and i was driving back in april got pulled over in toronto for headlights not working and driving under suspension which i had no clue, the suspension from the cell phone ticket which went to defult cuz paralegal didnt care.

so then it was reinstated i paid 200 for that, then i was in orangeville drving taxi got pulled over speeding 10 km over (can i fight this if i admitted to it ) and he gave me a ticket for driving no licences (i already resolved this matter) then i talked to my paralegal hes like go to ministry.

i went to service ontario i ended up paying another reinstatment fee plus the cell phone ticket so i have a spent-

- 500.00 paralegal

-515 cell phone ticket

-400 reinstatment fees

-65 for airbrake test

now the trial is coming up in january for the suspension in april and headlights (bulb was blown have invoice ).


Q1:this paralegal was in charge of everything and let it go into default i wasn't aware of anything now due to his negligence my abstract will now have suspensions on it plus i lost my job back in april for coming late.

Q2: in addition if i admitted to a ticket 10km over 50km zone can i still fight it and win or no hope please advice

Q3: anyone know paralegals that can guarantee convictions off records in ontario/ gta

thanks everyone support.

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by: Zatota on

1. Ultimately, you're responsible for ensuring your matter is dealt with appropriately. If you truly believe your paralegal was negligent, you can complain to the Law Society of Upper Canada, which regulates lawyers and paralegals. The LSUC may decide to investigate.

2. If you admit to the speed, you can't possibly win. An admission of guilt will result in a conviction. But you can still plead not guilty, request disclosure and see exactly what the officer is claiming.

3. No one can guarantee that.

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