Paralegal on File (how to terminate services with paralegal)

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Paralegal on File (how to terminate services with paralegal)

by: alexu on
Tue Jun 14, 2016 1:41 pm

Hello All,

I just have a general question on behalf of my friend who doesnt use an internet much (THERE IS STILL PEOPLE LIKE THAT:-)

A friend of mine had some minor ticket and hired a paralegal, that guy appears to be going on vacation and while my friend has his trial date......the agent is not willing to get into the consensus and very unfriendly and not cooperative to my friend.....basically he is filtering him and not answering any calls and/or emails.....

My buddy called the prosecution office in order to obtain the disclosure but the prosecutor he was talking to, while the conversation prosecutor somehow realized that there is a hired paralegal that should be on the file (dont know how as I am not a part of it), so prosecutor said he cannot speak to him even though he is a case owner and charged person and basically said that he is only allowed to speak with his paralegal.

The other paralegal offices say they cannot accept his file until he is officially fired that previous paralegal, and so they require the "Release form" whatever it is......he cannot get that as the guy just dont take his calls)-:

now couple of questions:

1) if the other paralegal obtain the disclosure, is it possible to request another copy with the explanation of the situation?
2) if my friend appears in a court and tries to speak with the prosecutor prior to trial - again will explain what happens, is he going to chat with him? or if Paralegal is not in court and the prosecutor doesnt talk to my friend he is automatically convicted? sounds a bit strange......
3) what is the procedure if my friend doesnt decide to defend himself but wants to hire another paralegal, whats the procedure? and in general does the prosecutor care? does it look bad if other paralegal appears on the file?

Thank you!
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High Authority
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by: jsherk on
Tue Jun 14, 2016 2:45 pm

Write a letter to the paralegal and make the first line say YOU ARE FIRED. I would consider this a good release form.
Send a copy to the paralegal directly and then send another copy to the secretary of the firm and another copy to the president of the firm.
I would inlcude in this letter all your complaints about the paralegal.

Write a letter to the prosecutor and say THE PARALEGAL HAS BEEN FIRED AND I AM NOW REPRESENTING MYSELF and also include a copy of the letter you sent to the paralegal.

Honestly I think it is bogus that prosecutor won't speak to defendant because there is a paralegal on file. There is no law that says the prosecutor can't talk to the defendant.
+++ This is not legal advice, only my opinion +++
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