Change Lane Not in Safety

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Change Lane Not in Safety

by: innocentofcharges on
Tue Nov 11, 2014 6:28 pm

I was recently charged with "Change Lane Not In Safety" - the astonishing thing is the officer did not even take my statement, there were no witnesses and I was set up....I should've known better.

I was travelling up a road which lead into a roundabout- up ahead from me was the driveway to the hotel I was staying. Just before I came to the bend in the road there was a division as there was an exit to the right of my lane heading north. Just before I was turning into the bend a car races in front of me cutting me off ( I assume she was trying to squeeze in front of me to take the road north) clipped my left front fender (which pushed my vehicle to the right of the lane I was on) then she coasted in front of me. I was no longer on the road I was originally on - I was half on that road and half on the other road going north. But here's the thing - when the police arrived she quickly runs to her and gives her a story. I waited patiently to speak with the officer. She finally approached me said she was ruling in the other motorists favor- then she pointed to a street and said "when you are coming from such and such a street, you have to yield to oncoming vehicles. I WAS SHOCKED!! I responded, "did she tell you I was coming from that street??" The officer responded "yes"... I said officer, I was not even on that street, I came from the other direction, I was in the circle as I was heading in the direction of that hotel and before the bend she cut me off in front of me and clipped my vehicle dragging it to the right. So, in other words, she said I came up from the left side, failed to yield to her coming from the right side when in actuality I was already in a circle (that had two lanes) with a divided sign for a third lane going north and she was on my left and cut in front of me clipping my vehicle.

The officer then asked if I was from out of town; I responded, I was, although I don't see how that is relevant. She gave me the ticket and told me how to pay it...... I am still in disbelief...has this ever happened to anyone. I have taken pictures of my vehicle. There is a scratch on my left front fender...paint on my left front bumper and paint on my left front tire.....
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