Change Lanes Not In Safety - Viewpoints Pls

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Change Lanes Not In Safety - Viewpoints Pls

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Happened the ticket worth fighting for the insurance implications.........$$ is not the issue.

•was in 2nd lane from the left, traveling about 20km hr

•signaled to turn right into the 3rd lane from the left, all was clear in both lanes to my right. To my best knowledge there was not a vehicle in my right lane when I was turning.

•started turn and a truck came at me fast and swerved and scraped my right side of my car taking off my mirror

•I believe that he was in my lane behind me (a few car lengths away) and we both merged to the right at the same time, because there were no cars in the lane we were merging into he accelerated while merging, while I was still merging and hit me.

•There were no witnesses that stopped or where questioned

•Police officer never asked me if I was okay, never asked me what happened and never asked me for a statement

•Police officer spent 5-10 min speaking to the other driver

•Police officer took my license, registration and insurance and was gone for about 40 min.

•When he came back he handed me my registration and insurance and could not find my license

•He handed me a ticket, I asked him what for and he said Change Lane Not in Safety

•I asked him if he would like to hear what I believed happened and he said no, he didn't have time. He left to go back to the car to look for my license and when he returned without it, I again said I would like to tell him my side, he said he was too busy with an emergency and that he would call me on the weekend or maybe Friday and walked away.

I still have no license and may have to get a new one in order to get a rental while my car is being fixed.

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