Cannot Attend Meeting With Prosecutor, Need To Reschedule?

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Cannot Attend Meeting With Prosecutor, Need To Reschedule?

by: cajewel on


Thanks so anyone who may be reading this!

I received a notice today, exactly 4 months after a speeding infraction (Sept 23) about a time and date for a meeting with a prosecutor. I had been living in Toronto this entire time but just moved to BC for four months. The meeting is scheduled for March 14. I return to Toronto at the beginning of May. It says by law, I must reschedule no more than 30 days after my original date. How can they be planning these meetings for almost 6 months after the event, and then refusing to budge more than 30 days around the meeting they set? Not everyone is in Ontario all the time.

How can I get around this?

Thanks so much!



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