Received A Notice Of Motion And Cannot Attend The Hearing

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Received A Notice Of Motion And Cannot Attend The Hearing

by: lukeyang2123 on

Hi there,

My trial was scheduled on Oct 10, 2018 and received a notice of motion on Sept 30, 2018 said the police will have a training on the original scheduled trial date and the prosecutor would like to change the trial date.

The motion hearing was scheduled on Oct 3, 2018. I cannot attend this due to the short notice and cannot find a representative either.

What should I do for the motion hearing on Oct 3, 2018?

Thanks a lot in advance.

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by: ck811 on

In the very least: Do you have no one that can at least attend the courtroom to record at what date and time your trial is to be rescheduled? If not, you must get in contact with the prosecutor's office (attend or call) to find out when your trial has been rescheduled to.

You may have some redress under 11(b) of the Charter, but if you cannot complete the forms yourself, you will have to consult a legal professional to take further action.

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