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General Slang's & Terms Used On

by: Reflections on

Just so that the newbies and oldbies(!) are on the same page. If you have a non-derogatory slang term please feel free to add and post it here.

LEO - Law Enforcement Officer

JP - Justice of the Peace

PON - Provincial Offence Notice = ticket

MC - Motor Cycle

MV - Motor Vehicle

CMV - Commercial Motor Vehicle

CVOR - Commercial Vehicle Operators Registration = authorized by Ontario government to operate a CMV in Ontario.

T/T - Tractor Trailer

S/B - Southbound

N/B - Northbound

E/B - Eastbound

W/B - Westbound

H/B - Hell Bent

OPC - Ontario Police College - Aylmer, Ontario

PSL - Posted Speed Limit

cagers - people who drive cars

hockey pucks - antennas for the modem for the mobile work station (laptop)

Squid = bad motorcycle rider

HOV = High Occupancy Vehicle Lane

cutter = Someone who dives into a lane of traffic at the last minute to avoid sitting in line, and usually in front of you!

The Commish or Volcano = Julian Fantino, the current OPP Commisioner

fwiw = For what its worth, general chat room acronym

traffic court/provincial offences = your worship (JP wears green sash)

criminal court = your honour (judge wears red sash)

Odot, or O-dot = OPP, Ontario Provincial Police

TPS = Toronto Police Service

OPS = Ottawa Police Service

NRPS = Niagara Regional Police Service

YRP = York Regional Police

After you have posted, we will add your comments to the main post and delete the rest, so that this will appear as one big post. Feel free kids, step up and ring the bell.

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