Change Lane - Not In Safety - Kitchener

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Change Lane - Not In Safety - Kitchener

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Hi -- I'm a new member on this board and really appreciate the helpful information I've found so far. Have learned lots here and on

I received a ticket in November in Kitchener for "Change Lane - Not in Safety" (I'm based in Toronto but was there on business). Most of what I've read here seems to indicate this charge is usually received when an accident occurs. No accident occurred but I was pulled over and received this ticket. I have requested a court date.

This is the first traffic ticket I've ever received after 30 years of driving.

I have a couple of questions that I couldn't see the answer to:

1. Do I wait to receive my court date before I request disclosure or can I do this now?

2. Does anyone know the typical wait to receive a Kitchener court date?


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Re: Change Lane - Not In Safety - Kitchener

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I can answer your first question as I've just gone through the same thing and called up the court to ask.

(1) You have to file your notice of intention to appear in court and get a court date first. After you get your trial date you can request for disclosure.

Don't know the answer to the second question, sorry.

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